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    اعداد المجلة لعام 2014

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    Issue Research 1


    The subject

    Name of researcher

    Difficulties Faced by Iraqi University Students Of English in the Area of Writing their Academic essays From the Students' Point of View

    Asst. Instructor Nuha Amir Kamel

    Emmad Ahmed Farhood


    Difficulties Faced by EFL Students in Writing Composition at the Iraqi Preparatory Schools

    Nataq Taha Abdul – Kareem (MA)


    Iraqi EFL Teachers' Perception of Classroom ehaviours at Secondary Schools


    Inst. Ghazwan Adnan Muhammed . Ph.D.


    Evaluating Iraqi EFL College Students' Performance in Using English Prepositions

    Instructor Nizar Hussein Waly

    The Correlation between Law College Students' Self-Efficacy and their Writing Achievement in English Language

    Instructor Nada M. Hindi, MA

    A Relevance-Theoretic Analysis of Implicature in Arthur Miller's Death of a Salesman

    Asst. Prof. Amthal Mohammed Abbas (Ph.D.)

    Duaa Ali Hassan


    EFL Specialist Supervisors and Teachers' Attitudes Towards the Centralized Examinations as an Alternative to Teacher–made Examinations

    Asst. Professor

    Natiq Taha Abdul–Kareem (MA)


    Assessing Kurdish College Students' Use of Oxford Language Learning Strategies


    Dr. Nada Jabbar Abbas


    Evaluating the “Sunrise” Curriculum for Teaching English as a Foreign Language in the Kurdistan Region in Iraq”


    Assist. Prof: Dr.Himdad A. Muhammad

    Assoc. Prof. Dr.Hye Pae

    Parween Shawkat Kawthar

    The Role of Language Scaffolds in enhancing College Students' comprehension within Vygotsky's Zone of Proximal Development (ZPD)


    Dr. Nada Jabbar Abbas


    The Function of Conscious Grammatical Knowledge in Second Language Learning


    Arev Merza AStifo/ assistant lecturer

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